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phoneme - 12
User: bjb
Date: 3/16/2012 11:30 am
Views: 1573
Rating: 7

Speaker Characteristics:


Gender: female;

Age range: adult;

Language: EN;

Pronunciation dialect: Canadian English.


Recording Information (don't worry if you can't find some of this information):


Microphone make: there is no name on it - whitebox;

Microphone type: desktop mic;

Audio card make: Analog Devices AD1989B;

Audio card type: integrated;

Audio Recording Software: Audacity rel 1.3.12-beta;

O/S: Debian Squeeze.


File Info: 


File type: FLAC;

Sampling rate: 48kHz;

Sample rate format: 16bit;

Number of channels: 1;

Audio Processing: no.

Copyright (C) 2012  [Brenda J. Butler]
These files are free software; you can redistribute them and/or
modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
These files are distributed in the hope that they will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
vf12-01 Violent life and athletic sports had never appealed to me 
vf12-02 You live on an income which your father earned 
vf12-03 He was worth nothing to the world 
vf12-04 Then you don't believe in altruism 
vf12-05 The creative joy, I murmured 
vf12-06 He deluged me, overwhelmed me with argument 
vf12-07 Ah, it is growing dark and darker 
vf12-08 I was Hump, cabin boy on the schooner Ghost 
vf12-09 A sinewy hand, dripping with water, was clutching the rail 
vf12-10 No man ate of the seal meat or the oil 
vf12-11 I noticed blood spouting from Kerfoot's left hand 
vf12-12 Three oilers and a fourth engineer, was his greeting 
vf12-13 Eighteen hundred, he calculated 
vf12-14 The sharp voice of Wolf Larsen aroused me 
vf12-15 I obeyed, and a minute or two later they stood before him 
vf12-16 But it won't continue, she said with easy confidence 
vf12-17 What I saw I could not at first believe 
vf12-18 The stout wood was crushed like an eggshell 
vf12-19 There's too much of the schoolboy in me 
vf12-20 I had forgotten their existence
vf12-21 Ah, we were very close together in that moment 
vf12-22 But she swung obediently on her heel into the wind 
vf12-23 They are his tongue, by which he makes his knowledge articulate 
vf12-24 Between the rush of the cascades, streaks of rust showed everywhere 
vf12-25 He'll never do a tap of work the whole Voyage 
vf12-26 Captain West may be a Samurai, but he is also human 
vf12-27 And so early in the voyage, too 
vf12-28 In the matter of curry she is a sheer genius 
vf12-29 The eastern heavens were equally spectacular 
vf12-30 He spat it out like so much venom 
vf12-31 I saw Mr Pike nod his head grimly and sarcastically 
vf12-32 He is too keenly intelligent, too sharply sensitive, successfully to endure 
vf12-33 The night was calm and snowy 
vf12-34 I sailed third mate in the little Vampire before you were born 
vf12-35 His outstretched arm dropped to his side, and he paused 
vf12-36 At this moment I felt a stir at my shoulder 
vf12-37 Wada, Louis, and the steward are servants of Asiatic breed 
vf12-38 Also, she has forbidden them smoking their pipes in the after-room 
vf12-39 I tried to read George Moore last night, and was dreadfully bored 
vf12-40 Tom Spink has a harpoon

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