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i need an open source speech rec model for my business. I can contribute 100,000+ dictations and associated transcriptions to the project (medical reports with all patient and physician information redacted). i also need a very bright programmer/technical person who is into speech recognition to work for money to build a speech model for my company. this person would be responsible for managing the dictations and the contributions to the VoxForge project. I don't know a lot about open source - we are big users of several commercial applications. however, the commercial applications are not as good as they could be - but are all closed up black boxes, so we cannot get at them to do better - we just spend LOTS of money to get what we get. We know we can do better - we have a lot of technical resources - but we need a strong engineer who knows HMM and how to build a real application with it. anybody interested. drop me an email. totally confidential.